Spade Drills


Spade Inserts produced in HSS grades M4, T15 & M48, Carbide grades K10, K20 & P40 all available with coatings TiAlN & TiN.

Flat bottom inserts available

Holders and accessories.


Wide range of inserts suitable for drilling all materials.

Reduces machine set up time (easy to change insert).

Reduces tooling cost. One holder will hold many different inserts.

Holders available with taper & straight shanks.

Straight shank holders have through coolant.

Reduces need for regrind of large drills just replace insert.

Large size range covered in product range 9.5mm to 114.3mm.


All Drilling applications wide range of inserts in HSS & Carbide covers

Drilling in structural steels, low & medium carbon steels, alloy steels, tool steel, cast iron, S.G.Iron, high temp. Alloy, high strength alloy, aluminium, stainless steel 300 & 400 series, aluminium bronze, brass & copper.