Carbide Drills


MG HM k30 micro Grain Carbide bright & with TIALN Coating.

Specific drills for Stainless, Aluminium, Hardened Steel, CFRP and MQL


Increased speed & Feeds.

Increased tool life.

802323-product range comes with self-centring point, excellent positioning so bushing is not required. Reaming application is not required.

Good chip removal & powerful drilling.

Product ranges 803323 (3d), 804323 (5d) & 805323 (8d) come with all features of 802323 range but with the added advantage of through coolant holes.


This product range will cover drilling in tools steels, aluminium, aluminium alloy, brass, bronze, glass fibre & epoxy resin, non-alloy steels, alloy steels, soft grey cast iron, hard grey cast iron, stainless steels & aluminium silicon alloys.