BNGX 10T308SR-MM:M9325 Dormer Grade M9325 (Bought in 10 offs)

BNGX 10T308SR-MM:M9325  

BNGX 10T308SR-MM:M9325

Milling Insert - High Feed
Material ID: 7253620

Double-sided milling insert BNGX 10T3, 82° parallelogram and high-feed design for a maximum depth of cut of 1.0mm, with 0.8mm corner radius, an indexing accuracy according to ISO-tolerance class-G and MM geometry with rounded cutting edges and facet, M9325 MT-CVD coated WC-Co carbide for machining with high feed cutters SBN10.

Description Value
EAN number 3603603226074
Product number (SAP) 80028898
Ordering code ANSI BNGX 10T308SR-MM:M9325
Gross weight - grams 2.198
Insert width - millimeter (W1) 5.8 mm
Fixing hole diameter - millimeter (D1) 2.76 mm
Cutting edge length - millimeter (L) 9.92 mm
Insert thickness - millimeter (S) 3.9 mm
Grade M9325
Corner radius - millimeter (RE) 0.8 mm
Insert Clearance Code and Angle N 0°
Insert size 10
Insert Type X
Chipbreaker manufacturer's designation (CBMD) MM
Insert shape code (SC) B - parallelogram 82° included angle

Cutting Conditions

SKU BNGX 10T308SR-MM:M9325
Part Number BNGX 10T308SR-MM:M9325
Brand Dormer Pramet
Condition New
Weight 0.022kg