Application Taps


All taps made from HSS-E or PM Material with various coatings & treatments to suit all tapping applications.

All Taps identified with colour ring for selection of tapping material

Thread forms available Metric Coarse, Metric Fine, UNC & UNF.

Machine Taps – Spiral point, Spiral Flute, Straight Flute, & Cold Forming Taps & Nut Taps.


The High-speed steels we use gives good wear resistance & toughness.

The various treatments and coatings on our Taps are selected to suit the Component Material and therefore give added performance and tool life.

In particular our HARDSLICK COATING for stainless steel taps gives Incredible tapping performance and tool life. The HARDSLICK coating is a special coating which as sliding and lubricating properties combined with hardness of approx. 3,000 HV and is temperature resistant up to approx. 800 deg.C.


  • Aluminium – Blue ring
  • General Steels – Yellow ring
  • Heat Treated Steels – Red ring
  • Stainless Steels & Low Carbon Steels – Green ring
  • Grey Cast Iron – White ring
  • Titanium & Nickel Alloys – Purple ring